Sefton Young Advisors – Sorting out Section 30s – Baroness Newlove Visits Sefton

Sefton Young Advisors have been tackling the issue of Section 30s (Dispersal Orders that can be used to break up groups of more than two people). Leading on this project is Young Advisor, Kim Cooper who specialises in community safety and crime.

Kim designed a questionnaire and collected over 200 responses in the ward she currently lives and works in, one of the most deprived in the borough.

Kim found that:
• 70% of young people didn’t feel safe in their own communities
• 30% Didn’t know what a Section 30 was
• 95% felt unsafe going outside their area
• Only 40% would tell the police if they had a very big or fairly big problem to do with their safety or that of others.

Following this project, Baroness Newlove came to visit Sefton Young Advisors and see them at work. The visit was hosted at Netherton Park Neighbourhood Centre and began with Young Advisors telling Baroness Newlove all about their work – particularly in the area of community safety. Over lunch we were joined by Councillors Peter Dowd and Ian Moncur, along with Jacqui Kerr from Sefton Council and Angela White and Nigel Bellamy from Sefton CVS. The final part of the day was a YA-facilitated workshop with young people from the local area, where we talked about crime and anti-social behaviour to find out how young people felt about this locally.

Baroness Newlove was really impressed by our team and found the workshop very useful in the run-up to the release of her Building Safe, Active Communities report.

UPDATE: Sefton YAs in Government Paper!

Following Baroness Newlove’s visit, Sefton Young Advisors have been highlighted as a case study in her Government paper: Building Safe, Active Communities. A copy is available below. We’re on page 73!



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